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Explore Largs have engaged two Street Ambassadors, Val Gumley and Yvonne Prager, who will play an important customer service role as day to day contacts with BID levy paying businesses in Largs. Both are local people, so are knowledgeable about the town and the range of businesses within the BID area.
They will have one to one meetings with businesses in response to contact with the BID office, as well as planned pro-active consultation, working on various marketing projects for the town.
During regular visits to businesses, Val and Yvonne will try to answer any queries businesses may have right away, or will get back to you with information as soon as possible. They will also liaise with the BID Manager and Board of Directors to assist exchange of communication with all parties.
The Street Ambassador project has worked well in other BID areas.  Alastair Mitchell, Manager of the Falkirk BID explains why he introduced Street Ambassadors in Falkirk: “If you’re working in the office developing plans or delivering projects, you can’t be out and about visiting businesses on a regular basis at the same time.”
He continued: “Businesses like to be kept informed and provided with assistance where possible. Falkirk’s Street Ambassadors are highly valued by a large number of the businesses in the town.”

Explore Largs is sure that businesses will benefit from their introduction in Largs.