Following the successful ballot of Largs businesses in November 2012, and the subsequently backed Government Judgement in March 2013, a BID Company, now branded as Explore Largs, has been established.

The lengthy legal process of setting up the business has included appointing directors from business members in the area, setting up bank accounts, agreeing operational procedures with governing bodies and appointing a BID Manager.

Adding to the services delivered from statutory authorities, Explore Largs continues to engage with a whole raft of official bodies and supporters who can help the town and its business community grow and prosper through investment, employment opportunities, tourism and events.

The BID also helps its members to help themselves through sourcing more cost effective deals on energy, telecoms, water rates and merchant services to grant funding for staff training and shop doctoring.

Through continued dialogue with businesses, residents and tourists the business plan will be developed further to improve the town’s community, business and asset management.


Largs Town Centre